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Herbal Gardens Wellness practitioners believe that every life has the right to evolve. We believe through education, choice and behavioral management, and support every living being will have an improved quality of life while being able to sustain the life around them with beneficial impact. We do this under our development and documentation of our Traditional Native Health Model based on the teachings of our Ti'Nde and Dineh Elders and Ancestors in combination with our Allopathic and Integrative Health and Wellness education and research.

We work with traditionally trained Western Medical Physicians, Holistic Health Practitioners, Licensed Massage Therapists, Licensed Physical Therapists, Complementary and Alternative Medicine providers, and Colorado registered Caregivers to provide the best in complete health and wellness.

We are located in Westminster, Colorado and work in a home environment to provide the assurance of safety and security for our clients. We provide services at cost to those who can achieve this. We provide services at discounted rates for those who are striving to achieve more. We provide services to those who are in stages of suffering through the donations provided by our friends, and family-the community we live within.

We believe in supporting the clients journey with Compassion, Love, & Healing.  Thank you for your support. Namaste!

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Home-Base Denver, Colorado

With the Belief that We Will Help Human Beings All Over Our World

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