Lifestyle Medicine



Why Donate?

Lifestyle Medicine provides Health and Wellness Coaching Outreach Programs to Remote and Rural Communities. Plant-Based Menus, Healthy Relationships, and Physical Activities combine with goal-setting support to achieve healthier outcomes. 

Sessions are available for individual on-line sessions and include weekly meetings in person or via online website appointments and our HIPPA Compliant Patient Portal. Your progress to overcome Chronic Disease and work towards healthier choices is the goal of this program.

We are actively seeking donations to promote our progams for remote communities in our region. Donate here, or sign-up for a class or workshop online and you will be creating health for communities in need!


Where can I donate?

Our Donate Button Is Live and Active. Remember to keep your receipt

for Tax Season! All donations of items, or funding is 100% tax deductible as we are a 501c(3) federally approved Charity Organization.

All services are deductible as a 509 2(A) acknowledged IRS Nonporfit Charity Organization.

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