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Herbal Gardens Wellness 501c3 NonProfit

Native Interwoven Tribal Community Health Initiative

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​HGW Volunteers & Community Health:

At Herbal Gardens Wellness (HGW), volunteers provide and promote the best health care available for Native people in urban, suburban, rural, and tribal lands. HGW empowers American Indians, Alaska Natives, and other Native individuals who generally experience barriers to holistic, relative-centered, culturally adaptive, and integrative health and wellness services. Herbal Gardens Wellness offers virtual clinical health advocacy appointments.

Herbal Gardens Wellness currently provides a wide range of programs, including primary health consultation, traditional nutrition consultation for traditional Native diets, behavioral health, Wellbriety Talking Circles, and Health Communication Circles.

How We Work: 

We weave First Nation Communities together through health consultation, regional health advisement collaborations, and the design and delivery of Native community health and wellness programs.


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Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches and Lifestyle Medicine Clinicians provide access to services of Healing, Natural Herbal Remedies, and Wellness Education to all people in need of Integrative Holistic Health & Wellness Therapeutic practices.

Your donation will support our work and the people in the rural and remote communities who are most "At Hope."

"Weaving Healthy Native Communities Together."

"Empowering Native Health Outcomes from Surviving to Thriving."
To increase positive health outcomes through traditional knowledge and shared education of our greater Intertribal and Rural Communities throughout
ur overlapping territories.

Vision Statement:
The Continuity of One Healthy Native Community is Woven  Together through Native Cultural Diversity, Equitable Health, and Wellness Access, and the preservation of language and foodways.

To protect the inherent rights of Indigenous and Native Populations including access to health and wellness.

To collaborate with clanships for environmental research and preservation.

To build capacity for current and future Native and Indigenous 7th generations.


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