What is Lifestyle Medicine?


Lifestyle Medicine is Preventive Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is the evidence-based therapeutic approach to prevent, treat and reverse lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

At its heart are a set of core competencies and the use of comprehensive lifestyle interventions to address underlying disease risks—thereby decreasing illness burden and improving clinical outcomes within value-based medicine. Lifestyle interventions are designed to address behavior related to nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, social support, and environmental exposures.

Preventive Medicine strives to maintain health and prevent disease in patients and populations. Addressing lifestyle is an important aspect to achieving this goal.

Certified Health and Wellness Coaches, Talking Circles and Virtual Community Center with Colorado Advocates.  Individual, Family, and Corporate Wellness Packages for you and your community to increase health and wellness outcomes through support, education, and resources that provide a good way forward.

We continually find intersections of culture, socio-economic class impacts, and marginalized communities need the most access to trustworthy health education on topics that impact them. Fundraising is done to provide each family with options of resources for physical health, mental wellness, spiritual support, and access to food and herbal medicines during a time of climate change.

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