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HGW’s Referral Program for Additional Services

Herbal Gardens Wellness is committed to our mission of promoting holistic health and wellness within the Native community. As part of this commitment, we have developed a referral policy to foster collaborative partnerships with other Native organizations in order to better serve our shared community.

Our referral policy is built on the principles of fostering trust, reciprocity, and collaboration. When a client expresses a need for services outside of our scope of practice, we strive to connect them with reputable native organizations that can better meet their needs. This not only ensures our clients receive the care and support they require, but also strengthens the network of resources available to the Native community at large.

When referring clients to other native organizations, we ensure that our communities' privacy and confidentiality are maintained. We obtain necessary consent from our clients before sharing their information with a referred organization, and we only disclose relevant information to facilitate a seamless transition of care. We also provide our clients with information about the organization to which they are being referred, so they can make an informed decision about their care.

We believe in collaborative partnerships with other native organizations to better serve our community, and we expect the same level of commitment from the organizations to which we refer our clients. This means that we expect the highest level of care and support for our clients, and we are committed to maintaining open lines of communication with our partner organizations to ensure that our clients' needs are being met. By working together in this way, we can create a seamless network of support for our community.

In addition to our commitment to our clients, we also believe in supporting the growth and sustainability of other native organizations. By referring clients to other native organizations, we help to strengthen their client base and contribute to the overall success of the Native community. This reciprocity is essential to building a strong and resilient network of organizations that can support each other and sustainably serve our community for years to come.

Our referral policy is a crucial component of our commitment to holistic health and wellness within the Native community. By collaborating with other native organizations, we can ensure that our clients receive the care and support they need, while also contributing to the growth and sustainability of our shared community. We invite other native organizations to join us in this collaborative effort, as together, we can create a network of support that truly advances the health and wellness of our community.

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