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How is the Four Directions Movement (ċ) Program different from Yoga?

Herbal Gardens Wellness employs the Four Directions Movement modality, an adapted form of Native American yoga, to address chronic disease symptoms in Native American families within Colorado. This holistic approach combines traditional Native American teachings with movement-based exercises. Thought is provided for modesty, kinship, and sharing components that nourish the spirit, emotion, mind, and body to yield healing in a safe and culturally adaptive environment.

Personalized routines are crafted in individual appointments to cater to specific health needs. Each session has a way that can be printed out and practiced between onsite or in-person movement appointments. Journals for your empowering direction are available in various topic structures to assist with the internal healing dialogue and create a health and wellness pathway.

Group sessions encourage communal support and cultural connection, fostering a sense of belonging and shared progress. Through regular practice of this modality, participants experience reduced chronic disease symptoms, improved physical health, and enhanced overall well-being, reflecting a culturally adaptive and practical approach to healthcare in Native American communities.

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