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Self- Compassion Break

Adapted from The Greater Good Science Center

To do when thinking of a stressor or experiencing stress:

1. Tune into the feeling, whether it be currently present or in reflection of a previous stress.

2. Acknowledge it: “This hurts,” “This is stress,” “This is anxiety,” “This is uncomfortable,” etc. Find some simple words to address how you feel that feel natural to you.

3. “I am not alone in this feeling,” “Pain/suffering/stress is a part of life,” “Other people feel this too.” Recognize that you are sharing an experience with the rest of humanity, these experiences don’t make you wrong, bad, lacking, or abnormal.

4. Place your hands on your heart, head, belly, or wherever feels comforting and supportive.

· May I be kind to myself.

· May I give myself the love I need.

· May I accept myself.

· May I be gentle with myself.

· May I love myself as who I am.

· May I be strong.

Practicing this regularly when calm can help you to remember to use it in a stressful situation and to use it more effectively under stress.

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