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What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching provides a supportive relationship to bring results of effective purposeful-lived experience for the client. Collaboration, reflection on strengths, values, and visions, and powerful dialog, the coach provides a catalyst to support the client’s transformation.

Balance comes through the process of learning how the client can take a wider view of decision-making to gain clarity. This provides the client both the content to see clearly and boundary-setting skills which support the client to make improved choices, which in turn bring balance.

It is a both a Neuroscience and artistic process as coaching generates new neural connections, and gives steps away from old patterns and habits to create healthier responses. There is molding, shaping, and reconstitution that occurs in the brain through the coaching relationship so that development and maturation occurs.

Coaching supports learning. This empowers the client’s decisions to become mature as this facilitates self-direction, personal growth, and goal attainment of the coachee.

Coaching is energizing! The process empowers the client to become their best self, and to serve their highest purpose. It is not a friendship but a truth-telling, skill-enhancing, promotion of spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in the client.

Four pillars of Coaching

Discover, clarify, and align the client to achieve. Encourage client self-discovery.

Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies.

Hold the Client responsible and accountable.

Advanced Competencies of Herbal Gardens Wellness

Integrate wellness initiatives into chronic disease management programs and EAP (Employee Assistance Programs), often part of Human Resources.

Work with specific health challenges.

Design and implement health and wellness programs for corporations, individuals, families, and we communities.

Design and implement cultural competency programs for corporations, individuals, families, and communities.

Design and implement Lifestyle Medicine programs for corporations, individuals, families and communities.

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