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Winter Solstice

The HGW Women’s Advisors helped to raised funding, in-kind donations, and shared $250 directly to Denver Indian Center Inc. for their gift card giveaway. We also provided $500 directly to Denver Indian Family Resource Center and also raised community donations to purchase gifts and items to 17 families who received their services. We also donated art bags, whole proteins from mixed tree nuts, and sugar-free candy, hats, gloves, and family card games to Lakota Way Healing Center, and Adams Five Star Schools’ Indian Education families. We also sent basic art supplies to the Russell Means School in Porcupine.

2020 celebrated 7 years of gifting to Native families who were part of the 1956 Relocation Act and have become their own intertribal Nation. We look forward to more community involvement and thank everyone who participated for their social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing!


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