What is digestive wellness? If you are looking for a way to create a healthier balanced digestive tract and a sense of satiation this is the consult for you This 90 minute intake session includes an analysis and tools of what you can do to enhance your meals and create a healthier lifestyle. Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes and at a discounted rate when you purchase a group of sessions together.

Digestive Wellness Consult

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Main Consult: 90 Minute Session
Follow Up Consult
  • Many digestive organs can become inflamed when improper food sources are eaten. Short-term people experience indigestion that can lead to long-term issues like GERD. This program is designed to teach you both nutrition in addition to reconnecting with the experience and beauty of food.

  • Products like high fructose corn syrup can disrupt satiation pathways increasing your hunger while causing damage to important organs like the pancrease and liver. The connection to our food source codes our DNA in a process of epigenetics. This course is designed to support your wellness through proper food sources and herbs to enhance your living experience.

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