Salves are usually a combination of beeswax and oil. In fact, you can make a very simple lip salve by simply combing warm olive oil and melted beeswax (about 5 parts oil to 1 part beeswax). To make an herbal salve (and incorporate the properties and benefits of herbs), the oil is usually infused with herbs as a first step. Other ingredients, such as essential oils, vitamin E oil, lanolin, and glycerine, are also often added to salves for added benefits. (Essential oils can contribute scent, botanical, and aromatherapy properties; vitamin E is thought to be beneficial for the skin and may help preserve the salve; lanolin makes a salve creamier; and glycerine adds moisture and may help prevent rancidity).

Herbal Salve

  • Derived from plants as whole leaves, flowers, roots, as an infusion into a medium such as glycerin, base oil, alcohol, or apple cider vinegar dependent on delivery method of plant matter.

  • A blending of infused or essential oils in a base carrier along with organic beeswax for the nourishment and health of the epidermis.

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