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Where Have Our Relatives Gone?

Where Have Our Relatives Gone?


A children's book about the 7 Sacred Species living in and around Yellowstone National Park. The historical relationship between the relatives (animal species) and Native Spirits (over 60 Native Nations travelled through this area for many purposes). A book written from the perspective of a Native Little Girl in Braids that grows up to document and pray over the relatives who are decreasing in number with a story of HOPE that people can unite together and protect the environment and the animals of the people.

Featuring hand-drawn original illustrations and story written by Rae Clark on her six-week journey in the Yellowstone National Park where Brutus, a beautiful strong bull pte (Bison, Buffalo) gave her heart the story to tell from her perspective. 

The first in a series of children's books to teach children about the relatives of the wild and their stories with a list of Native Conservation Actions they can take to preserve and protect them and the last in tact environment of her homelands known to Natives as Turtle Island.

June 2023
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