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Yoga Therapy

Yoga is both Indigenous Art and Science of health balance in it's practice of this ancient and beautiful daily life movement. Learn about breath control, body alignment, and inner peace. Our programs support both our elders, and our youth. Join us at the Broomfield Workforce Center in 2016. Longevity Workshop: Do you Yoga? Segment sponsored by our Associate:

Front Range Community College

​We will offer Indigenous Integrative Health & Wellness classes and seminars on the Westminster campus of Front Range Community College for 2016-2017. Learn more about health, wellness, preventative care, and nourishment! Support us this year as we plan our first Nations Welcome Event to celebrate our Indigenous Heritage.

Community Garden Projects

​We are interested in helping Indigenous communities on the pathway to become Healthy & Well. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about planting organic and sustainable gardens in schools, churches, and communities.

Nutrition Management

We offer nutrition management sessions to Indigenous Community Members who suffer from diseases such as Diabetes II, Cancer, and Anxiety. These sessions are donated to referred Indigenous Community Members through your Support. We believe in full circle (All Life Cycle) preventative healthcare. Thank you to the Lakota Way Healing Center and Denver Indian Center!

Momma Evelyn's Angel Heart Project


We provide personal items needed like socks, t-shirts, and toiletry items to Indigenous Elders in Long Term Care. Dedicated in the memory of Evelyn Trujillo. Want to help? Donate a new, unopened package of the above items to us!

We have provided 1011 hours of Advocacy this year!

2016-2017 PROJECTS

2016 Facebook Community Healthcare Education Group

We offer a free Community Healthcare and Community Garden Education program in our Facebook Herbal Gardens Community Health Education Group. The group operates as a community and all members are encouraged to post. Help us grow our 106 Member Base.

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