​How Can I Become

Involved in Supporting

a Healthy Community?

We need your help through raising donations, volunteer work, collection and delivery of supplies. We do this work so that we may help Indigenous  and Native members within the community to improve their quality of life through Holistic Health and Lifestyle Medicine evidence-based programs.

We are growing the non-profit organization through volunteers and donations to service our growing Health Needs and address Health Disparites in Native Remote Communities while also  working in Non-Native Rural Communities in Remote Counties of Colorado. We are raising donations for on-site mountain clinic in the Heart of Colorado. Our clinicians use evidence-based treatment support for Chronic Diseases such as cancer, diabetes II, cranial-facial disorders, and anxiety caused by Environmental Impacts. The location serves Intergenerational Health Clinics, and the Youth Resiliency Martial Science programs. 

We have implemented a petition to protect the 7 Sacred Species to ensure our 7th Generation has the ability to live amongst the Relatives that have roamed Turtle Island (North American Continent). We are currently in development of a REMOTE Location to teach about ecology. It is our last frontier in Apacheria.

How Does My Donation Contribute to the Integrated Indigenous and NonNative Community?

We network with both Western Traditional Physicians and Indigenous and Traditional Native Healers.  We promote Holistic Health, Herbal Medicines and Supplement.  Our Health and Wellness Coaches and Lifestyle Medicine Clinicians in the medical community provide access to services of Healing, Natural Herbal Remedies, and Wellness Education to all people in need of Integrative Holistic Health & Wellness Therapeutic practices.  Your donations will support our work, and the people in the rural and remote communities who need it most. 


Mission Statement:

"The Better Part of Valor is Self-Preservation."


Vision Statement:

To create together One Community of Intersections of Native Cultural Diversity, Equitable Health and Wellness Access including environmental preservation for current and future generations.



To protect inherent rights of Indigenous and Native Populations including health and wellness, environmental preservation and research, and to build capacity for current and future Native and Indigenous generations.


We are working together with several organizations across the country to raise awareness on Environmental Impacts to Children and Elder Health. We are also continuing to provide Indigenous & Native Holistic Health Therapies and Integrative Therapeutic Community Health Education. Join us at our workshops and learn more about Holistic and Allopathic Pathways to become a practitioner. Join us to learn more about health for your family's life circle.

Thank You to the Wolcott Foundation, The Chinook Fund, and Resist.Org for their endorsement!


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