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Prosperity & Protection, Outreach & Culture through

Humanitarian & Environment Conscious Practices of Daily Living Activities



“The Honor of One is the Honor of All.”  A community-focused health and wellness model provides the opportunity to contribute as one member to the greater good of the community. This environmental and humanitarian consciousness will give healing to the Native and Indigenous prosperity model without the monetary value of profit. Protecting morals, ETHICS, values, and principles provide the stone foundation for sustainable environmental wellness and protection from the atom to the universe. 

The Traditional Native Health Model held by the Athabaskan (Na'Dene also known commonly as "Apache") tribes of our volunteer membership descending from the Carlanas of the Rio Grande River, The Apishipa River, Mountain Buffalo (D'zil Iyanee) of the Arkansas River, the Acho of Cuartelejo of the Purgatoire River lineages demonstrates that strong adherence to ethics and morals as a spiritual practice allows for agreement and peaceful outcomes. This traditional living model also teaches from elder to child (intergenerational) the value of all life within and around our spirits while maintaining our own Sovereign identity (aboriginal rights).

We would propose that the inclusion of traditionally held positions in councils will provide a sustainable means of direction to learn and acquire education to provide as a resource to other communities worldwide suffering from environmental damage and inhumane acts.

As the community expands to include other Indigenous and Native cultures, sustainable living models can be shared as resources amongst other areas of the Earth in need of education. The need for young and growing families to receive support and education will be provided through the wisdom of community leaders and guidance from elders.

Native & Indigenous tradition requires sustainable living to maintain order and continuity of human beings and other life forms, each as a species belonging to the Earth.

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