Why Donate?

Your donations help us to provide services to Indigenous members of the community. We offer guidance in Nutrition through whole and complete Indigenous foods and herbs, aromatherapy, energy work, spiritual support, and communication to our community members

in one hour sessions. 

Your donations also provide support to Environmental Impact Needs for our Native and Indigenous communities which help All People in and around Turtle Island (North American Continent)


Where can I donate?

Our Donate Button Is Live and Active. Remember to keep your receipt

for Tax Season! All donations of items, or funding is governed under State and Federal current law as we are a 501c(3) federally approved Charity Organization.

Please check with your accountant for current tax laws.

Contact us and let us know what events you would like to support

such as:

Native American Elder Advocacy

Nutrition for Native & Indigenous Cancer Survivors

Nutrition & Movement for Diabetes II Prevention 

Indigenous Food Bank

Youth Movement & Self-Protection

Indigenous Community Health Education

Native Family Advocacy