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Racism? Report it!

1. The local police department or law enforcement agency: Individuals can report hate crimes and criminal intimidation to their local police department or law enforcement agency. Many departments have specialized units or officers trained to handle hate crimes and intimidation.

2. State attorney general’s office: Most states have a civil rights division within the attorney general’s office that handles hate crimes and discrimination complaints. Individuals can contact their state attorney general’s office for assistance with reporting hate crimes.

3. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division: The U.S. Department of Justice has a Civil Rights Division that enforces federal laws prohibiting hate crimes and provides resources for reporting and addressing these offenses.

4. Non-profit organizations and advocacy groups: Many non-profit organizations and advocacy groups provide support and resources for individuals who have experienced hate crimes or intimidation. These organizations may offer legal assistance, counseling, and guidance on reporting hate crimes to state authorities.

5. Hotlines and helplines: Some states have hotlines or helplines specifically for reporting hate crimes and receiving support. These hotlines can provide guidance on the reporting process and connect individuals with resources and assistance.

6. Legal aid organizations: Individuals who have experienced hate crimes or intimidation may be able to receive legal assistance from a local legal aid organization. These organizations can help individuals navigate the reporting process and seek justice for the crimes they have experienced.

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