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Benefits of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Benefits of Lifestyle Medicine



    What determines your health outcomes? Do you believe that your behavior, genetics, or environment has more impact on your longevity and quality of life?

    The relative proportions of health outcomes has been clinically researched to demonstrate the following percentages as an impact to your health outcomes:

    Medical Care 10%

    Genes/Hereditary 16%

    Environment 21%

    Lifestyle 53%

    The choices we make about diet, exercise, and stress management are part of Lifestyle impacts. This means that what you believe impacts your decisions,  how those beliefs are formed are the foundation of your behaviors. Behaviors become habits and that can be either good or bad, depending on which wolf you feed.


    Research in 2007 discovered that the health of the body  and its form (physical display of your actions)  can be influenced by the circle of friends that you keep.  Collaboration, mirroring, and peer pressure are three factors that you will be impacted by through the influence of habits, choices, and trends of those around you!

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